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Monday, April 26, 2004
Modern Day Lindbergs?
I was tripping across the web recently (as I always do) and came across some interesting material from the Dr. Seuss Dr. Suess Went to War . I enjoyed the cartoons/posters, and am also very interested in WWII media, pictures, propaganda, broadcasts, news, etc.

Dr. Suess was a socialist, but I guess that in a free America, he should have been allowed. I found some references to Charles "Lucky" Lindbergh in his cartoons. Various additional researching points to him possibly being anti-semitic, possibly having "dangerous theories of racial superiority" (although I question the phrase used... "DANGEROUS"?). Other material points to Lindbergh being fascinated with Hitler, and German technical prowess -- and being involved with the "America First Committee" and Henry FORD (yes, THAT Ford). Henry FORD appears to have pretty strong evidence of being not just anti-semitic, but pro-Nazi. Lindbergh was a non-interventionist and pretty vocal about it, evidently, although later in the war he flew over 50 missions in the Pacific theatre.

A while after looking at all of the neat Dr. Suess cartoons, and reading a little on Lindy, I was listening to Rat Patrol Radio (one of my favorite stations on Live365 -- Internet Radio w/ 1000's - _THOUSANDS_ of channels). RPR features songs, broadcasts, news, and stuff from WWII. I happened to catch a Lindbergh address broadcast and listened to him being "BOO'd" down every time he said anything -- almost at the start of EVERY sentence. His address was about America needing to stay out of war, and how the President's administration was crooked and how the President was a stupid dolt and a goof, how much unemployment there was and how it was all the President's fault and how bad his policies were, etc. Except for reference to Roosevelt and Europe and the Nazis, it sounded like it might have come off of today's broadcast news.

Who are today's Lindberghs? Hm... that's too broad a question, with too many answers. Look at the Democrats, the media, even some of the Republicans.

Instead of drawing parallels to Vietnam, maybe we should be drawing parallels to WWII. "9/11"? How will people remember it? Nobody "Remembers Pearl Harbor!" - "A Date Which Will Live in Infamy" (well, FEW people do). Nobody "Remembers the Alamo!" Why do we think that people -- AMERICANS especially -- will remember "9/11"? Why should we? Didn't we "deserve" it? (No) Why should we be in Iraq? Isn't it "all about oil?" (No)

Sometimes I think that the vast majority of American's really ARE idiots, but not for the reason that the media is pushing. I guess they feel it's OK for other folks to kill Americans, but not for Americans to fight for their own lives.

A "Charles Lindbergh Report" written by a 5th grader.

Lots of links to WWII posters at The Victory Home: War Bonds--Workers like Minnesota Public Library, the Smithsonian Institute, etc.

Free-Republic: Misc posts on Lindy


I just found out that a hunting buddy died. Brain cancer. Suddenly, I don't have much interest in how stupid the bulk of Americans seem. I know it's not the bulk anyway, just the loudest.

Friday, April 23, 2004
Pat Tillman is a HERO... an OLD-FASHIONED HERO.
Ex-Football Star Killed in Afghanistan - Official

Pat Tillman, and his brother. This is the spirit that MADE America great, and made us a nation of MEN. I can think of no words significant enough to honor his sacrifice, spirit, and memory highly enough.

Ex-NFL Star, Army Ranger Dies in Afghanistan

Ex-NFL player Tillman dies in action in Afghanistan

This is the spirit that was exhibited in WWI, WWI, Korea, even the Revolutionary War. What a revolutionary idea.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004
More Campaign Slogans

"Nixon in 2004"
Because ANYTHING is better than Kerry!

Misc April Fool's junk
Yes, I know that it's well after the first (1st) April Fool's Day (April 1st) and still a couple of days before the second (2nd) April Fool's Day (April 15th, or "Tax Day" -- which pretty much makes fools out of all of us) but these things just occured:

While watching a "story" on _CNN_ about the members of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy", these factoids cropped up:

Three (3) Of the five (5) "guys" on "Queer Eye" are actually Straight, and are being sued for "breech of contract" by the show's backers.

Of the "many" "Men" (clients) that they have "helped", seven (7) have decided that THEY are gay. Sheesh. And, their erstwhile girlfriends are sueing the show's producers.

In related news, the 9th Circuit Court declare all hetrosexual unions illegal and un-recognizable by the courts and legislature of California.

Is this a great country, of what?

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