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Sunday, December 26, 2004
Fuzzy Signals: New Frames
I subscribe to a lot of newsletters/e-letters or what-have-you. I am interested in just about everything, so I have to read just about everything. I read about alternative energy (I'm not a bleeding greeny, I'm just cheap). I read about architecture. About science and technology. About everything. One of the less useful e-letters I have subscribed to is AFH's organ. AFH is Architecture For Humanity. Yes, I know, they aren't supposed to capitalize the "F" in For, but then, they seem to find more importance in form over substance. The stated goal is lofty -- something about... well, Architecture for... Humanity. But what is the newsletter about? Juried exhibitions. Plans. Competitions. Do they actually DO anything? Uh... no. Not that I've seen.

Anyway, the newsletter referenced WorldChanging, another form over substance organ. To give you a hint, WorldChanging was declared the winner of some cock-a-mamey award from Utne Magazine (yes, green. Remember, "green" is the new red).

Anyway AGAIN, a dig in WorldChanging referenced a lot of election rhetoric, including several quotes on how stupid Conservatives are. Actually, they mean anybody that isn't smart enough to be "progressive". One article pointed to mentioned "Framing" -- pop-speak for how and why you think the way you do. They seem to think that Conservatives have nailed the framing thing, implying, I guess, that "progressives" don't "frame". "Progressives" (remember, progressive is the new socialist) frame, oh how they frame. Even the NAME is a frame. The Frame Game.

Fuzzy Signals: New Frames

Progressive - "We're better than you are. We know what's best for you. We're going to take care of you for your own good. We're going to run your life for you. And we're going to tax you for the priveledge."

The new socialists have always liked the name "Progressive" They have for the last 50 or so years. But what new have they done over the last 50 years? What "progressive" ideas? Not much. New ways to tax you, new ways to control your life, new excuses for WHY you HAVE to be taxed. And why you are a lousy, greedy, good-for-nothing bastard if you don't want to be taxed.

One of the things that they constantly over-look when they try to explain how "stupid" Conservatives are... maybe it's not the Conservatives that are stupid. Maybe, for that matter, the reason they voted against Kerry is -- not that they are so caught up in the whole Conservative/Liberal thing, maybe they're just tired of the Liberal crap. Maybe they just don't LIKE being sneered at, talked down to, made fun of, etc. Maybe, it turns out, the Liberals -- at least those that get on talk shows, news programs, interviewed in papers, and have their own discussion boards -- are idiots.

Yeah, I think that's it.

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