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Monday, May 15, 2006
Politics and life in the sur-Real world.
What's wrong with the Republicans? They're not conservatives. They spend like drunken sailors, and it's not THEIR money they're spending. The policies that DO exist are hardly practical and many are down-right dangerous.
What's wrong with the Democrats? Few are liberals, Most are socialists, many are just plain anti-American loony. And, they are just as determined to spend our money to prove to us how badly off we are.
What's wrong with the Libertarians? A mixture of ADD and Tourettes. They can't focus on any one thing for more than a few minutes, and then are compelled to blurt or scream idiotic or inappropriate crap. They're are weak on defense, non-existant on borders (ok, they are ANTI-borders), and have no plan for getting from point A (where we are now) to point B (the free-market utopia they claim is just around the corner if they can just get some loonies in office). They believe in science-fiction solutions in a real world. The shortest distance between two points being an imaginary, non-linear, and possibly unstable path. The bridge may be bad, but the market will take care of it. The heck w/ the people who are half way across, dynamite the supports out from under the platform, let it fall into the water, and private enterprise will take care of the folks who are on approach. Anybody who's not ready will just have to drown.

It really is a pity, because I had such hope for the Libertarians.

Flows in 3-D and Beyond
Resident's State of the Unions / Immigration Speech.
So long... it's been so long. I mean to blog more, but usually the thought only strikes when I'm in the car (long commute) and I am listening to the radio, and I hear something stupid. Tonight, I'm listening to President Bush discussing his immigration policy. I hate to say this, because it's a throw-away statement, and it's not really factual, but I can think of no other way to put it. Bush is an idiot. At least he plays one on TV. His immigration policy is laughable, only I'm not laughing. He's an idiot. He is going, point by point, adding note by note, re-inforcing his idiocy. Idiot, idiot, idiot. Screw the illegals (my opinion). DON'T assimilate them, kick their illegal butts out of the country.

He's going to petition congress for more money. Bush has turned out to be a much greater adherant of large government than the Fornicator-in-Chief Clinton.

He is going to insist on a biometric ID to further control the American citizen. How's THAT going to control ILLEGALS -- unless, of course, it's mandatory for AMERICAN CITIZENS, and it becomes ILLEGAL to not have one? He's going to push for more neat-o military toys to policy the southern border, but he doesn't really want to DO anything with with the illegals, either those sneaking in, or those already here. He's an idiot. A nice, socialist idiot.

He says that the current methods aren't working. Duh. The border patrol has been instructed to catch and release. They've been instructed to inform the Mehican gov't where border patrols and the "Minute Men" are stationed.

He "opposes" amnesty, but he kind'a support it, only he doesn't CALL it amnesty, because, you know, everybody is against it. (No really. The idiots are against "amnesty" because they are all for "full citizenship" for the poor exploited "undocumented workers"; the other idiots are against amnesty, because of course there isn't any REAL problem.) I'm against it just because it's a bad idea. 1) It's a spit in the face of everybody that legally became a citizen, 2) it shows that there's no penalty for breaking the law, that America will tolerate just about anything, 3) it will cause more problems anybody is thinking about.

Amnesty means an immediate 12 - 20 millions of minimum wage jobs, literally taking existing jobs away from Americans, and prompting the idiots in congress to stick their big feet further up America's butt. It means that any localities that are trying to control their already strained public budgets now have another huge drain, this time "legally entitled" to them. "Entitlements" will explode, blowing a hole in the bottom of the bucket, and requiring a heavy infusion of tax monies... and I doubt that Republicans will retain "control" on congress -- not that they exhibited any control to begin with. But with Democrats in "control", they will call for immediate tax hikes, "to remedy the sore state that Bush's fiscal policies have caused". Of course, those that have been living tax free -- at both ends of the spectrum -- will be un-effected. The upper end, because there will always be tidy tax shelters, and they can afford them. At the lower end because we can't tax all those poor New Americans... "it wouldn't be fair". That leaves you and me -- presumably you, but I'll gol-darn bet you it WILL be me.

So. What is wrong with the current and potential immigration policies? Everything. What possible solutions do with have with the present Idiot In Office? None. What potential solutions do we have if the Socialists/Democrats get a "man" in office? None. What hope do we have for the future? You got me, it ain't lookin' good.

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