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Thursday, May 22, 2008
It seems that Congress has pulled the oil companies up in front of them to rake them over to coals and chastise them for making a profit. What they are trying to do is set up a convenient enemy of the American people and they're talking about raising punitive damages for the oil companies being so successful.

This is just the first step. If they can get the American people incensed over an industry making profits, the next thing will be having the American people incensed over individual companies. Once that happens, they will try to get people incensed over individuals who happen to have worked hard and be well off or happen to invest well or happen to just have lots of money.

This is part of the break-down of the capitalist system... the same thing that made America great.

At some point, they will turn anyone who sees someone else better off into a predator -- or scavengers, waiting to find new victims freshly killed at the government trough.

They can turn this hose on anyone and use it to strip flesh from bone. Mark my words, if they get this idiotic plan through, it will not stop at oil companies, it will be applied from company to company to company. It will applied to individuals after that, and it won't stop until either every achiever is laid as low as possible, or until people realize that America and the work ethic has been just about destroyed.

Melodramatic? Perhaps a little, but then, I work damn hard for the living that I make -- yes, I could feed off a bloated carcas with the rest of the jackals, but I would rather keep MY flesh intact, which means that all of the producers (er, me included) need to be watching out for each other, and not let the carrion eaters start weighing the system down.

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