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Wednesday, November 19, 2008
P. T. Barnum, and Quickies in general
Left is a typical webbie "yes we can" thumbnail that the typical "blinded by the (b)light" libbie floated on a page.

So what? The What is, they left off the second part. It should really read:
"YES WE CAN ... fool some of the people ALL of the time... ".
This post was meant to be a "quickie" to feed the blogging need... It's really bugging me that I can't Jott directly to the blog any more, but what can I say. As useful as Jott is, I don't want to spend the $5 / month that Jott REALLY IS WORTH. I'll keep Jotting myself notes and try to distill and published them manually as best I can. As I CAN'T right now (over-due for an appointment w/ my pillow), I'll drop this quickie.
The current burble from the talk shows is "you know, Barry Obama won't produce a valid BIRTH CERTIFICATE. I wonder if he ain't legal to BE a president."
I should very much like for that to happen... First, it would be pretty funny. Second, well, the first is reward enough, but second would be that it would prove that none of the buffoons who should be vetting candidates were doing their jobs.
This is a problem on the non-Democratic side as well. McCain should never have gotten the nomination. He wasn't -- and isn't -- conservative.
Let's not get into the "if your conservative, you must believe [pick your choice: gays are eeeevil, Chistianity is the ONLY TRUE religion, abortion is eeeevil, liberals are eeeevil... the list goes on].
Nope, the conservative that I'm talking about is what the country was founded on -- not religion, but fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, and minimal government. You won't hear that from McCain. You sure as Hell (heh, sorry) won't hear that from Barry. Barry is all about selling people on "it's not YOUR money, so don't worry about it".
I expect liberals to be a little soft-headed when it comes to that. They seem to believe that making a profit and having property is eeeevil. But that's a topic for another day. Suffice it to say that I believe that the main difference between today's "Republicans" and today's Democrats are... the Republicans want to take a little less of your money up front. You'll still pay much more than you should for government under today's "Republicans". You'll just go broke slower. Companies will still make out like bandits -- of course, they have the government on their side. "Don't steal. The government doesn't like competition." The individual? Well, that's a full-up coin toss.
There are too many ills with the current government today to sort out in a single blog, much less a single blog entry. But some of the main ones won't be handled by anybody in office now or in the near future. Industry can afford to buy pretty much what they want when it comes to legislation, or be bailed out by the government -- or both. Individuals? We would need someone to represent us, and unfortunately, we can't afford to pay politicians to do what they should be doing in the first place -- represent the consituents rather than PACs, SIGs (special interest groups), industries, companies, unions, etc.
Nope, I think that it's going to be a long time before we have a chance to have a representitive, conservative government. They are too busy buying votes with "the other guy's money".
"Hey you guys, vote ME into office, and I'll make SURE that those lousy, SOB 'rich people' pay their fair share." "Hey, vote for ME and I'll crush the insurance companies, then EVERYbody will have free health care!"
"Hey, vote for me, 'cause I'll support coercion, intimidation, extortion, and abuse of someone else, and YOU will benefit!"
Ah well, maybe one day folks will wise up, because: "at some point, even YOU will be 'the other guy' ".
Me? I'm just gonna keep my head down, but make sure I do not bend over.
Oh, for any of you who could make it this far:
1) my quickies are NEVER quickies,
2) yes, I know that I DO go on, and
3) I shouldn't write when I'm tired. I'll look at this in a day or so and wonder "what in Hell was I thinking?"
(note: I did a quick revision of this post to make it a little more readable w/in context on Nov 22nd. Don't know if it helped.)

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