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Saturday, November 08, 2003
On Friday, I got into a discussion w/ a guy at work. I was describing how the week had gone, and mentioned how bad a time we were having with people who can't tell reality from fantasy. I then mentioned that it was bad enough that we have senators and congressmen who are delusional, to the point where they are passing laws to ban things that don't exist. For an example, I mentioned the plans to ban "plastic" guns -- they don't exist, they aren't REAL.

The guy tried to tell me that there are plastic guns, but wasn't happy to hear the plain, simple facts that there are no guns that are plastic, there never have been, and never will be. He then stated that there are guns that are "mostly plastic", "like the glock". When I pointed out there the barrel (essential), the slide (essential), the trigger group, the receiver, etc. were all metal, and had to be made of metal, and thus easily visible to both xray and metal detector. That what he's calling a plastic gun is still "mainly" metal, and that the only "plastic" parts were like a shroud or "handle" (not knowing how much he'd recognize if I got any more technical). Then he wanted to talk about "ceramic" guns -- of which there are NONE -- none that I know of, or at least none that are commerically available. A short diversional attempt was made at discussing whether ceramics had metal in them ("what's in clay? Aluminum oxide.") but I was more interested in sticking to the topic that there are idiots or delusional people that are in office.

Then, he almost took me by suprise... he asked "do you have more than ten guns?" When pressed for what reason the number ten was chosen, he responded that he wanted to know if I was a "gun nut". Talk about nuts... Why not eight? Or twelve?

I am not a "gun nut". I AM a vocal supporter of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, including, but not limited to the First Amendment, Fourth Amendment, Fifth Amendment, and, to be sure, the Second Amendment. He then mentioned "I have a gun" as if that somehow justifies his illogical arbitrary number and skewed views. He wanted to throw in "hunting", but I pointed out that the Second has nothing to do with "hunting" -- "never has, never will". That was not the intent of the founders. It's not about "personal protection". It's not about "collectors' items"... it's all about the PERSONAL RIGHT to keep and bear arms -- including FIREarms.

What is it about people that can't understand this?

It's not (just) that I'm a genius... I know other folks who can claim a sky-high IQ, but that evidently doesn't mean that they have critical analysis or logical skills. I can't be that special. I have gotten tired of debating. When people can't draw simple lines from fact to fact to fact and see the truth emerge, then I guess I get tired of trying to make the truth simple enough for them to see. These folks don't WANT to know the truth... they go from one delusional statement to another, with no logic, or even basic thought, in between. If you point out one discrepancy in their delusion, they'll drop the thought for a second, do a 90-degree "ping", summersault, and pick up another off the wall delusion. Nail them on THAT delusion, and they'll hit off on another rant, or start yelling. Nothing makes people more angry than pointing out fact after fact that denies their basic delusions.

When it comes to folks like this guy, I get kind of incredulous... how do seemingly intelligent people function when they will believe stuff like "plastic guns" because they hear it in a sound bite? What about "saturday night specials"? What about the epitome of "evil-death-ray-boogey-man" weapons, the "Assault weapon!"? Don't there people ever ask simple questions? Like, WHAT is so special about this fictional descriptor, "assault weapon", that is different than any other firearm that can be and is used for hunting, target shooting, collecting, and, yes, civil defense? What, the "SKS" and its ilk? 7.69x32mm ammo? Let's see, that just about the same as the venerable 30-30 rifle, easily available in the US for hunting and target shooting. Also any other .308 calibre rifle. Is the SKS ammo any more powerful than the other .308? Nope, not appreciably, although all calibres will have ranges of energy based upon the amount of powder and the weight of the bullet. Ooo! How about the brave and idiotic senators that banned "cop killer bullets"!? Another ficitonal term... any round that will kill a regular human will also kill a "Cop", but these are supposedly EXTRA deadly. Annhhh! Wrong. Or, how about "teflon" bullets? Supposed to pass through a "bullet proof vest" easily! Nope. Sorry. If you believe that, you're getting your news from comic books. And, of course, ever since they banned Teflon, I've been using "spray-on Pam".

Could it be that the nice folks that believe this crud are just a little too trusting? "We should ban UGLY guns, because they're evil?" "We should ban guns if they have a bayonnette lug, because so many people are bayonnetted?" "We should ban .50 rifles because they're SNIPER weapons capable of hitting a target at a full MILE!?" Sigh. Maybe a barn-sized target. That's standing still. With a multi-thousand-dollar, extremely high-powered scope. With no wind. And no heat waves to throw the site off. Now, what lame-brain would consider a couple-thousand dollar, four foot long, 60-pound rifle as a potential "hit-n-run" sniper rifle? And a mile-distant one at that? Well, they same lame brains that want to pass laws to ban said rifle... because it might be "dangerous". They want to ban .22 ammo because its too small. And .50 ammo, because its too big. And 9mm ammo because its "too plentiful". These folks are loons. What's next?

Oh well, I've gotten myself well wound-up. Now I have to go lie down and shake my head back and forth trying figure out why these people are so mindlessly fixated.

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