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Monday, January 28, 2008
rolling forward...
South Carolina is over, and the show rolls on. The pundits are alternately picking and panning the favorite whipping boys on the conservative side. Rudy is down (in the polls) and Fred's dropped a while ago. Mitt and Hucky are sniping. Ron can't get press to save his life -- wonder what that's about... isn't the media supposed to cover news? I guess he's not alive, but I would think that covering a zombie running for president would be a REALLY good story. Unless you didn't want anybody to know about the zombie.
Anyway, just a quick thought on the remaining suspect. McCain. What's not to like? He's running for president, he's a war veteran, hell, he's even a former POW!

Why does that bother me?
OK, let's take more inventory...

He's not quite good on the 1st Amendment

He's not quite good on the 2nd Amendment

He's not really good on ... well, the first two are good enough.

Let me see... why does that BOTHER me so? Something so ... unclean about the idea of him for president. Why? Would he really continue to limit our freedom of speech? Would he really try to weaken and strip us of our Right to Keep and Bear? Why would I be thinking about this?

Oh well, it will come to me if I don't pursue it.

So, what else can we discuss. Oh, seen any good movies? I have not seen the remake, but has anyone seen The Manchurian Candidate? The original, baby. It's about a bunch of guys who were prisoners of war and wound up coming back. Some of them were associated with politics in one way or another, and we find out later -- almost too late, that they had been brainwashed and were actually TOOLS of the bad guys. The evil bad guys were going to use them a sleeper agents and have them sabotage American politics so that ultimately the bad evil guys would take over. If they did a really good job, they would probably have gotten one of the brainwashed guys INTO politics. Wouldn't that have been a real kick if, instead of having one of the brainwashed soldiers assassinate a candidate so his WIFE could get in on a sympathy vote, they actually got one of the brainwashed guys into senate, or even into the PRESIDENCY.

Wow. That would have been a cliff hanger. An edge of the seat ride fearing that a man would become president who would ultimately be supremely detrimental to the United States and the freedoms that we enjoy.

But, it was only a movie, and not in any way am I implying that John McCain, former prisoner of war, returned to the states and gone into politics, could possibly be a sleeper agent, somehow unhinged, and a possible threat to the United States should be be elected through the complicity of the media to prevent voters from learning about about possibly sane, if mainly independent, candidates -- say, like Ron Paul.

Anyway, the next movie review I do will be a heart-worming tail about the wife of the first black president who winds up running against an unknown half-muslim, half-black socialist with Christian black-supremecist ties who is dating a world famous talk-show host. It promises to be the feel-good, slasher/monster mystery event of the year. Tune in!

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