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Wednesday, March 26, 2008
"Hillary could be *GOOD* for your career?" Not bloody likely.
There is a little problem with my Jott blog publishing, resulting in a lot of posts never making it to the blog. This is a BAD thing, as I've been submitting a lot. Until I can get it figured out, here's a little something that I wrote in response to some knuckle-head's blog post that "Hillary could be good for your career." I won't fill in who wrote this, but I will tell you that it is a new blog (from what I thought was an experienced blogger), that shows that her new blog is un-important and can be avoided without penalty. Anyway, on with the show:

"Sadly, the FIRST entry I've read from your new site shows it to be trivial. I had higher hopes, but at least I know I won't miss anything if I never return.

So, I should vote for the vagina, or the melanin? Is that what it comes down to for you? What about character or issues?

So, I should vote for the lying fascist or the shrouded socialist? What about the individual or issues?

If you make LOTS of money, it doesn't matter WHO is elected, as you can hire great tax lawyers to find ways around anything.

If you make little or NO money, then either of the socialists will be fine, as you will get SOMETHING out of the deal. Obama might be a little better in that case, as he is openly socialist, and you stand a better chance of an open property grab and wealth redistribution.

If you own your own business or ever want to, then Clinton would be a better bet, as she will leave business in the hands of individuals, just control everything through legislation.

The only DOWN side is if you make SOME money... If you WORK for a living, YOU will be the one who gets the squeeze. The folks above you won't pay any more in taxes (until they kill all the lawyers... an attractive proposition, just not likely any time soon). The people below you won't be paying any more in taxes, they will be getting a chunk of YOUR money.
If you have any ambition or talent, you can bet that you will be on the losing end of the deal. There will be pockets of opportunity... women may be given some largess, out of the tax-payers' pockets, of course. Blacks may be in for a wild ride... I don't think that Clinton would support reparations, but I'm sure she'd throw them some kind of bone. After all, she is the wife of America's First Black President (Bill's words, not mine).
If Obama get elected, then all bets are off... Reparations will become a topic again, and it will be paid by the government, except that the government gets its money from the taxpayers, which means the regular wage earners again.

Of course, if either of the socialists gets in, everyone's health care will be taken care of... except that the government will have to tax the regular wage earners to pay for it.

In either case, the old and infirm would have to be taken care of, but the government would have to increase taxes to do it, and with all of the other programs that will need money, SOMETHING will have to suffer... and the old and infirm aren't a wealthy voting block, and don't have to be catered to, so look for government to continue to limit benefits, all the while decrying the cost, blaming the problem on the previous administration, and adding more conditions and limits to the benefits.

Either of the socialist candidates would do a fine job of lowering the standard of living for the majority and take away the majority of the incentive for the rest. I am certain that with careful planning and determined execution, either of them could turn America in to a wonderful second rate nation in all due time.

To sum it up: If you like paying taxes, have little or no talent or ambition, or really hate America, either of those candidates could be good for your career. If you work for a living, worry about how high taxes are, do not have socialist values, or are reasonably and logically intelligent, either of those candidates will be horrible for your way of life."

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