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Wednesday, July 09, 2008
The Liberal Left, Loony Left -- whatever you want to call them, has perpetuated a culture of self loathing amongst themselves.

This is the only reason I can think of that any of these fools would listen to and applaud Barack Obama when he tells us how stupid we, as Americans, are.

Of course, he means "only SOME Americans" as in "er, present company excepted, but you know, those bitter, gun-clinging neanderthals, those hard-hearted, oil-swilling, baby-making, red-neck haterz".

I find it ludicrous

It's not just Obama, but any loud-mouthed self-elected liberal is ready to abase themselves to any group or country, and cry "mia culpa, mia culpa, mia maxima culpa" in an orgy of guilt and blame.

It's easy for the left to be elite. They seriously think (or have deluded themselves and others into thinking) that a small, chosen few are smarter than all the rest of us, and that somehow THEY should be making laws to control the rest of us.

Americans wouldn't stand for someone to claim themselves "king", but a large portion are willing to believe in a group that seems to "rule" (benevolently, ostensibly) from "divine right". Now, I DO note that they wouldn't say "granted from God", because of the diverse plethora of peeps that they suck up to. To say "God" instead of Gowd, or Goddess, or FLS, or Allah, or Gaia, or "The Great Spirit" would offend one group or another, so they try to keep it as generic as possible. Don't mention any names, and you can't get any wrong. Which is why guys always say "gee, last night was GREAT ... uh, HONEY". If you were to say "Shirley" to "Jean", you would find yourself assailed with pitchfork and torch, or at very least, not likely to enter that harbor again.

Besides, Liberals think that the divine entity that grants them "right to rule" is actually themself, due to their being so much smarter than anyone else. For some reason, that smacks subtley of sociopathy. If you have a divine right, due to others being lesser beings than you, then anything you do is correct and justified. That would include controlling or enslaving "the others".

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