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Sunday, March 01, 2009
Mourning as an excuse...
I realize that I haven't been posting at all lately. I have been in mourning. Every since the election. I mourn for the future of our country -- not dead yet, but definitely is serious trouble.

I am upset with Congress, and I am seriously wondering if aliens have eaten all of the mushy brains of both the House and Senate. Are they idiots? Are they insane? Are they just evil? I think they're just out of their freaking minds. Different that both being idiots and insane, I think.

I am starting to think that the main reason for Obama deciding to pull the troops out of Iraq is because he knows that there will be rioting if people every wake up. If Obama can get enough people to panic then the market will continue to drop and the economy will tank and more people will be laid off, then more people will panic and the more they'll squeal for government intervention which will drive business to fail which will result in people losing their jobs which will justify deeper and more intrusive government interference.

(Or, he intends to get people to riot, by continually doing things to ruin the economy to get people to panic to drive the economy down to justify nationalizing more industries to drive the dollar down to be able to talk about how drastic things are to... it's a bad cycle. A toxic cycle. )

I will post, and I will try to catch up some of my phoned posts... I don't know how effective my attempts will be, as I have phoned a lot of comments in, and my favorite app, Jott, has closed down. There's still hope, but some of the fill in may be just the recorded statement, and not a lot of comments.

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