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Saturday, March 07, 2009
Pay up.
Comes the day man, Obama's gonna save you. Budget stimulus, man. Government's gonna write checks to everybody. And if they run out, they're gonna print more money, and make all those rich people pay for it. It's gonna be beautiful. You're gonna get your share. You're gonna get what's coming to you.

It's gonna be great. Obama is going to give you everything. Seriously. You're gonna get free health care, and have a retirement, and a new car, and a place to live. All free. You won't have to pay for a thing. Really.

It's gonna be the other guy who pays it all. It's always gonna be the other guy. Some suit. Some corporate type. You know, makes a million a week, and gets a $30 million bonus for doing nothing. Parties all the time. Living off the fat of the land, off the workers, you know? They're gonna stick it to the man. Make him pay in taxes. Take his bank account for a down payment, dude. Grab his car and sell it at auction. And they're gonna give the money TO THE PEOPLE, man. It's gonna be glorious.

And when that guy is tapped out, when all his money has been spent, when his business has been sold off, don't you worry -- then they'll find some other guy. A manager, slave driver. Just sits in his office counting his money, and doesn't pay his dogs crap. They're gonna go after him with a vengeance. They're gonna take his Rolex and his $1500 suits, and they're gonna sell 'em for cents on the dollar. And it'll serve him right, 'cuz he had all that. They're gonna make him pay.

And when all his money is gone, then they're gonna go after all those high-paid guys. You know, when to school, went to college, got a degree... as if they thought that gave them a right to own stuff... that money that they "earned", that's yours, dog. You shoulda had that. That car? Yours. Guy thinks that just because he gets a degree and works like 50 hours a week that he entitled, you know what I mean? Sure, HE gets free health care... where's YOUR health care. And vacations. What vacations do you get? And when HIS money is gone, when he's lost his house, and his car... you can laugh at him. Because you'll have it all. Because there will always be someone else who earns more than you, and you should have what they have. It's just fair, right?

They're gonna give you free health care... make the doctor's treat you, no matter what. MAKE them give you health care, because the government can do that. They're gonna tell the doctors, "you treat anybody". And they're gonna tax the doctor's, too. Government's gonna control what they can charge, control what they get paid. They're gonna start a MAXIMUM wage, man. Any doctor earning more than $150k is gonna be socked in taxes out the wazoo... even urologists, who should know something about wazoos. Or maybe it's proctologists. Either way, doctor's gonna have to treat you.

And never mind that MINIMUM wage, they're gonna enstate a "living wage". Everybody, no matter what they do, is going to earn enough to ensure that they have a respectible income. Nobody is going to have to work for less than $30/hour. Your clerks at Walmart? $30/hour man. No one will have to work more than one job to make ends meet. Nobody's gonna have to work more than 30, 35 hours a week, max. With a month's vacation -- paid, dude -- for everybody. Like they do in Europe. Everybody gets free health care in Europe, and they all get a month's paid vacation. And their electricity is free, and it comes from the wind. And all their food is low-priced, and it's all organic, and it's all carried to the store in these electric trucks, so it'll save money, but you'll get to keep that money, because the government will control what a store can charge you for a head of lettuce or grapes or soda, and stuff.

And with all the free time you have, and all the money you make, you're gonna have to get a hobby. You're gonna have like a summer home or a beach house, and a Mercedes or a BMW -- because the government is gonna let the American car companies go under and get bought out by countries that care about their people. You'll be able to buy a French car, or an Italian car, or a Chinese car... anything you want, and the government is gonna make them really cheap... tell the car companies "you can't rip our people off!" and you'll have a new car.

And all the cars will be electric man. You can plug 'em in at night and drive them all week, and they'll never wear out. The government is gonna fund it through the oil companies... make them give back all of the money they stole from the people. Dude, that's like billions and billions, and billllions. And they took it from you and me dude, and the government is going to give it all back. We're gonna have cherry cars, and no smoke or pollution. And your house is gonnabe electric! Government is gonna give DEEEP credits on your taxes if you put in solar electric or hot water.

Just you wait until then nobody will have go to work

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