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Friday, August 21, 2009
How hard could it be...
Ah, the good old days. Remember? Remember listening to the Dems talk about how hugely important health care is and "we just HAVE to pass this bill, RIGHT NOW!!"
And those silly citizens were all like, "well, what IN the bill?"
And those wise ol' Dems were all "well, like, if you needed to know, we'd tell you."
And those goofy reporters were like "oh, snap. So, really. What's in the bill?"

And the people cried
"Have you READ the bill?"

"Would you, could you read the bill?
We know you're "lawyers", but still..."

And the politicians said...
"We've only had for an hour,
We cannot read it in a hour."

"Well, could you read it in a week?"

"It would REEK within a week!
We could not do that, not even PEEK."

"A month then, or maybe TWO?"

"Well, that's the LEAST that we could do!

"Would you, could you,
read it then?"

"We could not read it, if we had TEN!
But we must vote NOW, not then."

"Well, why not? You know, this is your job.
To read these things, not act like a snob."

"We don't HAVE to read them, you stupid mob,
We just vote on 'em. THAT's _our_ job."

"Would you like to know how we feel,
about this thing -- it can't be real!"

"Just trust us, rube, 'tis quite a steal.
We know what's in it, we just won't tell.
If you don't like it, you go to HELL!"

"But you work for US, so we were told.
How did you come to be so bold?"

"You all got suckered, you bunch of sheep.
Now leave us 'lone, and let us sleep."

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