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Thursday, August 20, 2009
Ohhh, SNAP!
American People to government: "We don't like what you're doing. This health care is a BAD idea. It wasn't thought through, you didn't even ASK _US_, and we can't afford it. If it's so important, shouldn't it take MONTHS of discussion, rather than sticking a bunch of vague legalease in, that COULD be interpretted as just about ANYTHING?"

Obama to America: "Sit down, and shut up!"

American People to their representatives: "We don't like what you're doing. You didn't ASK us is THIS is what we want. You are indebting us and not representing us at all!"

Nancy Pelosi to America: "You're UN-AMERICAN!"

American People to their representatives: "Hey! We want to talk to you! We demand that you listen to us, you're our representatives, and you're not listening!"

Harry Reid to America: "You're UN-AMERICAN!!!"

Barney Frank to America: "You people are dumb as a box of rocks. We don't HAVE to listen to you, we p()wN you."

Hillary Clinton: "*I* am the secretary of state, NOT my HUSBAND!"

American people: "Uh... what? What does that have to do with..."


American people: "Wow. Yeah."

Hillary Clinton: "... and, ... you are too stupid to run your own lives."

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