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Friday, September 11, 2009
Hats off to ACORN, for supporting small, independent businesses who know exactly how hard it is to get good help! I think that they should also be recognized for their dedication to keeping small business owners from paying their fair share of taxes. We need more groups like this, organizing the fringes of society.

ACORN Prostitution Support, Part I


ACORN Prostitution Support, Part II

Or maybe I should have said, "Pants off!" "ACRON for the Pr0n!"

I wonder if they would help me obtain funding to start an import business dealing with rare spices and herbs brought in from the wilds of Mexico (or at least California), the far reaches of Laos, or Afghanistan? In doing so, we'd be helping small farmers, enterprising businessmen, and religious groups raise money for their own private projects! This could also count as helping chemo patients fight off nausea, helping ADD sufferers slow their brains down, and helping aging hippies who are trying to gain weight. Then there are all of the crack whores in the big city who use the products to give them the energy to compete with other crack whores...

Disclaimer: Crack is a bad, bad drug. Do not do crack. If you have a friend who does crack, tell them "do not do crack". Unless she's really pretty, and STD free... then I know some politicians who would help her further her carreer at the risk of their own.

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