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Friday, November 13, 2009
sCHooOLz oUT!!!
The president is leaving on a 9-day trip to Asia (no doubt to treat with the communists, and trade Manahattan for some synthetic diamonds). Well, while he's gone, rejoice. The main motivator of pain will be more impotent than usual -- he'll be GONE for 9 days!

In comparison to the price of all of the abuses that congress has lashed on to our backs, wouldn't it be much cheaper and simpler to just send everyone on a trip for the course of the years? Even if it costs $1,000.000 / year to send a politician on vacation -- for the full year (come back early, and we tar and feather them), thats MUCH cheaper than any SINGLE abomination that they passed against our will... Tarp, bailouts, buying industries, cash for crappy cars, health care, singing lessons for pigs, etc.

If we can just keep them busy enough having fun that they will forget about those silly anti-American votes, we might just survive! My best guess? Hookers in Disney World costumes... I wonder if it's too late to resurrect Walt? I know he'd want in on it.

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