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Saturday, December 05, 2009
Maybe it's time for a divorce...
Amidst all of the awful news (Tiger 0, Bimbos 5 last count; gate-crashers more important than what the politicians plan to do with us with the next TARP; Government-controlled health care living one more day; Obama still in office with no challenge; etc.), I am still grateful for the awesome things in my life. Those are too numerous to list, and I don't have time because I have to keep an eye on those lying bastage politicians! ;-)

A couple of random thoughts...

I have a friend who is married to an alcoholic, abusive, lying, gambling spouse. (Why is this a topic? Maybe because of Tiger... )
The spouse is a serial adulterer. The spouse takes money that the friend earns and spends it on gifts for paramours, sometimes on trips and food and LINGERIE. The spouse spends money like there's no tomorrow (what does the spouse care, they don't have to EARN it). The spouse is condescending to my friend, lies, breaks promises -- including the oft-repeated "I promise I'll do right, I promise I won't cheat again, I promise I'll change -- just give me ONE MORE CHANCE..."

And my friend does. People have told the friend, repeated, that the spouse is cheating. People have spoken to the SPOUSE, telling the spouse that what they are doing is wrong, that the friend deserves better. Lately, we have been telling the friend to break it off, that the marriage is well beyond saving. The friend looks sad, ignores the advice, and stays with the spouse.

I have to take exception with this because of my sense of justice. I think that a person deserves fidelity. I know that some spouses falter and may make mistakes. I believe in redemption (at any level -- human or spiritual). I believe that people should stand up for themselves and demand that fidelity. I believe in marital renewal and dedicated partners. That is what I demand for myself, and that is what I give my spouse.

Other friends say "Stay! They'll change! Give them one more chance! Beside, if you get divorced, where will you go? What will you do? You'll never find anybody else, and you'll die alone and lonely."

How long should this go on? Wouldn't it be better to break it off, date again, and find someone who is deserving? My friend may die alone and lonely, but may have pride left. Then again, there are faithful people out there who would LOVE to be in a committed relationship. Who would work for the FAMILY, not just glom onto whatever they could get for themselves.

This is a lot like what we ALL have today... those of us who value fidelity. We are all being cheated on.

Sean Hannady has repeated on his program multiple times (as have Rush and Glenn), that "we don't need a THIRD party, we need a renewed Republican Party..."

I have to take exception with this because of my sense of justice.

The "Republican Party" has strayed, cheated, lied, been condescending, gambled, spent money on members of other parties, etc. Repeatedly. Long before Reagan, but especially since. How long should voters stay in an abusive relationship?

It may be time to throw the bum out...

Maybe it IS time for a divorce --er, third party. Get out there and date again. Find the right politician, not the loons, crazies, shiftless, druggies, or any of the other in the pantheon of low-lifes willing to take over our money and our lives.

How many of us have pled with representatives to NOT abuse us? Not just republicans, but democrats alike. DON'T DO TARP (did it anyway). DON'T DO BAILOUTS (spent our money on harlots and booze, and then gave the booze to underage boys along with the keys to OUR cars). DON'T DO GOVERNMENT HEALTH CARE! DON'T DO Crap and Tax! DON'T DO ...

The list goes on, and politicians on both sides ignore the people they are married to... the voters.

Maybe it's time.

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