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Monday, August 01, 2011
OK, I'll share a secret with you... politicians disgust me. Well, yeah, pretty much all of them, but especially Democrat politicians.

They're not above name calling, lying, or being hypocrites.

They love to call Republicans names. They love to call those who follow the Tea Party principles names. They love to marginalize, segregate, foment discord and discontent, and they're generally bad in bed, also.

They were back at it again, last week and the weeks before, and the weeks before that.

The latest is, Republicans Are Terrorists, and They're Holding America Hostage.
Now, I've always prided myself on being pretty smart and not too smug, logical yet not un-feeling, sypathetic unless you're purposely being pathetic, and patient unless you're just down-right stupid and refuse to larn ya anythin!

At the last nerve, I just give up... I've gone from sympathy, earnestness, willingness to share knowledge and fact, and calm discussion, to outrageous truth-telling.

When it was "gunz are eevil, gunz are BAAAD", I was all, "well, let's look at this... here's the 2nd Amendment, here's what it's for, here's what it really says, and here's why you should support it...". Many people listened. Some understood. Some even changed their minds and saw clearly. Others... well, lets just say that they didn't... they couldn't hold a cogent argument, they couldn't do anything other than spout the twaddle spoon-force-fed them by the media elitists, and they didn't want to think.

At that point, I just told the truth. It wasn't pretty. But I wasn't invested in them at that point. They proved that they were mind-less drones, and what's more, they liked it.

Well, I am feeling that way again. Many of you have tried reasoning with politicians, pointing out their false beliefs, their bad behaviour, their detrimental actions... and they ignored you. They talked over you. They shunned you. They ridiculed you. And they perpetuated their bad behaviour.

It's time to tell the truth. When they say something stupid or outlandish, don't bother with pointing out the truth to them or arguing the facts... they're brain dead to truth.

The most recent bad behaviour is the standard old "conservatives are (fill in the blank with most ignorant, slanderous, libelous insults you can think of)". So, let's call names back, and tell the truth.

Democratic politicians are racist (race-baiting), dead beat, check-kiting, abusive, bullying, misery loving -- for others, hypocritical, selfish, two-faced, lying, pimping, baby-killing rapists and slavers.

And when they say that you're mean and unfair, you can point out the individual behaviours that uphold those facts...

They don't care that they are enslaving Americans mentally or fiscally. They don't mind race-baiting, or telling minorities that they are substandard, stupid, incapable losers. They purposely use fear and intimidation against Americans, lying and misleading them in order to manipulate the populace. They don't care if American goes bankrupt, they thrive of chaos and do their best to increase it. They say one thing one week, and then claim the exact opposite -- unless they're caught, then they claim that they were against it before they were for it, and for right now they're against it again, but check back at 11:00pm. They support abortion-on-demand and oppose parental notification. They encourage age-inappropriate sexual contact and fight parental involvement. They are for eminent domain, seizure without compensation, forced labor, and saddling generations to come with inescapable debt. They are bad bookkeepers, bad money managers, and have bad breath and bad posture. They reward bad behaviour and have no sense of responsibility. The list can go on and on.
Why reason? Tell the truth.

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