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Tuesday, September 27, 2011
Alkeida in New York City?
We were a little surprised to hear that one of the police officials for New York City announced yesterday that NYC's Police Department has the capability to shoot down American airliners. The announcement was not made as a threat, as much as an "assurance" that -- should NYC come under attack of the Airline industries, they will indeed fight back!

In other news, we find out that over 20,000 of Col. Gidaffi's personal collection of Stinger missiles have gone "missing" in Libya. One cannot over-look the possibility that these missiles were purchased clandestinely by the NYC Police Departments in their bid for autonomy over expensive over-night parking fees at JFK and LaGuardia Airports.

Mafia officials have declined to comment, but are rumored to be brokering separate deals between the airports and several major downtown buildings... an awkward truce is currently in effect.

To find the missing missiles, perhaps Col. G should send one of his generals down to the docks in NYC, to speak to the SEIU representative, Vito "the Hands" Posieuski.

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