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Wednesday, July 02, 2008
Speaking truth to liberals...
The Democrats are fond of mouthing stupid dribble such saying that they (supposedly) are "speaking truth to power". The implications are two-fold... 1) that THEY have something resembling truth (which they run from if it ever gets close to them) and 2) those they are supposed to speaking "truth" to are both powerful and false.

That is about as useless as anything else they could say. I think it's time for a new ad that would be I guess Conservatives are "speaking truth to 'blah, blah, blah'. Democrats provide us with "blah, blah, blah" and we pointed out that they are just blathering...

Just to be fair, I did NOT say "Republicans" were speaking truth... they seem to have only a passing acquaintance with the truth these days. Republicans are not conservative as a group these days, and they haven't been for a while. They are SUPPOSED to be the "responsible" party, the party of fiscal responsibility, of responsible compassion, etc.

"Epic Fail"

If the Republicans ever become responsible (again?), I may become one of them. If the Libertarians every grow up (er, as a group -- I know there are some very mature ones), then I may become one of them AGAIN.

But until then, all I can do is speak the truth as I see it, and let the chops fall where they may. Oh, there's a splinter in your eye.

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