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Saturday, July 30, 2011
Of Hobbits and Terrorists...
I've heard some awesome rhetoric in the last several days... clip after clip of Democrats calling Republicans terrorists and claiming that they're holding America hostage... and clip after clip of liberal media mavens calling Tea Party-ers terrorists and claiming they they're holding America hostage... and clip after clip of the president using confusion, misdirection, horror, and fear, claiming that Tea Partying, Conservative Repubicans are holding grandma and grandpa hostage while feeding them dog-food and pushing them over cliffs.

Whew. Get's me all choked up, all that restraint and respectful behaviour.

Now, me, I'd love to feed Democrat politicians dog poop while stuffing them into the trunks of Cadillacs and pushing the cars over the edge of the Marianas Trench, but I'm told that I have to show restraint and be circumspect and all that. I didn't say I was GOING to, just that I'd love to. Here's the restraint part... I'm not supposed to say anything that might hurt their feelings... Freedom of Speech it's called.

The last, best thing I've heard is that those new, young Tea Party Republicans... -- there's the first inaccuracy. They are Republicans, NOT Tea Party... remember, there IS No third party -- that's what the liberals adhere to -- until the elections, when they'll swear that the racist, blood-thirsty, hate-filled Tea Party is dragging the last vestage of Republican values through the mud, etc..
... that those new, young Tea Party Republicans who insist on standing on principles and demanding that the liberals in Congress be held accountable -- that they're Hobbits.

Sweet Glory, HOBBITS!

And for once, the dirty, steenking, low-down, lying, back-stabbing, Character-assissinating, thieving Democrats, for ONCE, they might be right.

Let's recap quickly:

1) they're fictional -- don't let that stop you, the Democratic politicians have never been known to deal well with reality, and they have a love of making outrageous lies up out of thin air
2) they're "little people"
3) they believed in an evil that was planning on dragging the world into an hell of earth, enslaving every man, woman, and child that lived after it had feasted on the life's blood of the populace
4) they banded together and fought, against all odds, against horrors un-speakable (but readable), against the nastiest, evilist, power-hungry, stop-at-nothing-kill-your-dog-stomp-your-grandmother-to-death-and-spit-on-her-corpse rotten animated corpses every known in the Middle Kingdom or beyond,
5) thanks to them, the world continued... they fought the evil, and won one!

SO, if you want to get on my good side, if you want to paint me as the best thing since freedom and sliced-bread, if you want to pay me the best compliment you possibly can -- call me a Hobbit.

"Oh, those bad, bad, principle-holding, small-government-minded, balanced-budget, debt-hating Hobbits!"

Thank you, you raving lunatic Democrats and liberal media idjits... you finally got something right -- even a blind hog finds an acorn every now and again.

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